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What IS muscle tension, anyway?

Muscles use oxygen as fuel. When there is not enough oxygen, muscles turn glucose into lactate to use as fuel - which causes lactic acid buildup. This is not the most effective fuel, but it will do the trick for a short time – just as coffee will keep you going after a sleepless night, although only for a few hours.

Exercise – especially weight lifting – quickly depletes the amount of oxygen available to your muscles, because you’re using it up faster than your body can make it. That leads to the need for the “coffee fuel.” The lactic acid that builds up then causes an inflammatory repair response from the body – all this means is, your body sends more blood to the area to clean up the mess – and inflammation is swelling and swelling causes soreness, which can last a few days after a hard workout. 

Not exercising – or working a job where you have to sit at a computer all day – decreases circulation, which in turn, decreases oxygen supplies for your muscles. And as we know, that leads right back to the “coffee fuel,” resulting in the same inflammatory response that makes us sore. So, in conclusion, everyone, no matter what they do, will experience muscle tension at some point. Our muscles need fuel, when we run out of good fuel we make “coffee fuel,” and that makes a mess, and we get sore from cleaning up the mess. 

Why can't I just take a pill?

Over-the-counter pills, such as Ibuprofen and Tylenol, are good for immediate relief.  However, over time, these pills can damage our liver and kidneys - massage therapy will not.  Also, taking anti inflammatory meds cause the body to take even longer to heal.

I've never had a massage - what can I expect?

I recommend you arrive a few minutes early - not only because you have paperwork to fill out, but because we should have a chance to chat beforehand.  I will ask you questions about your tension, your job, hobbies, (anything that might be causing the pain) and any medications you may be on (such as blood thinners).  I will then leave the room and you will undress to whatever YOU are comfortable with.  Some people take everything off, some leave on underwear, some even decide to wear their hat during the massage and all of this is absolutely fine.  Then you will get under the sheet and blanket, and I will knock and return to the room.  Halfway through, I will carefully hold the sheet so you can turn over.  When the massage is complete, I will step out again so that you can redress.  

Am I supposed to talk or stay quiet? What if it hurts?

This is YOUR time.  If you talk, I'll talk.  If you stay quiet, I'll stay quiet.

Everyone is different.  NEVER hesitate to tell me if you don't like something or if I'm using too much pressure, etc.  You won't hurt my feelings or make me mad - I'm here to help you and there's no point in politely suffering through something you don't like!

So after the massage, I'm good right? All healed?

Almost!  While you may leave feeling like you're floating across the floor, there are two things left to do - first, you HAVE to drink as much water as you can for the rest of the day.  Massage breaks up all sorts of toxins in the body and if you don't drink water to flush out your system, you could wake up feeling awful tomorrow.  I'm not saying you'll get sick unless you drink 8 gallons of water.  I'm saying take the water bottle I give you and refill it at least 3 times, ok?  Easy as that.

The second thing you need to do is book your next massage!  Don't wait until you're hurting again.  Stay on top of it!

We're going out for drinks tonight!!

Ok, look.  I'm not going to tell you not to go out.  What I will say is DRINK WATER BEFORE YOU GO and even better, drink water between drinks, and have a glass before bed.  Massage increases circulation - if you go straight from my table to the bar, all of that alcohol will hit your liver at once and you will go from tipsy to miserable in a very short amount of time.  And tomorrow, you can expect the worst hangover, ever.  You CAN drink, just stay HYDRATED.  (bonus fact: the water IN your drink does not count)